Clearimage Microscopic Glasses

Clear Image Microscope Glasses are two high powered, coated lenses “piggybacked” one behind the other. This “doublet” lens is designed to create a magnified, crystal clear, edge-to-edge image. The lens eliminates the aberrations and “pincushion” effect of a single high-powered lens. In addition to these benefits, the patient’s eyeglass prescription is ground into the rear lens to account for refractive conditions like myopia (near-sighted), hyperopia (far-sighted), and astigmatism. By combining high powered magnification, edge-to-edge clarity, and refractive prescription in one pair of glasses, patients can achieve amazing results in reading smaller print than previously thought possible!

How to Test Your Eyes Using the Amsler Grid Eye Test

Open the directions for taking the Amsler Grid Test PDF and print.
Next open the Amsler Grid PDF and print the grid on bright white paper (heavy stock if possible)