Amsler Grid Eye Test

Amsler Grid Eye Test

How to Test Your Eyes with This Amsler Grid

   Print this page on bright white paper (heavy stock if possible).

• Test your eyes under normal room lighting used for reading.

• Wear the eyeglasses you normally wear for reading.

• Hold the grid approximately 14 to 16 inches from your eyes.

• Test each eye separately: Cup your hand over one eye while testing the other eye.

• Keep your eye focused on the dot in the center of the grid and answer these questions:

1. Do any of the lines in the grid appear wavy, blurred or distorted?

2. Do all the boxes in the grid look square and the same size?

3. Are there any “holes” (missing areas) or dark areas in the grid?

4. Can you see all corners and sides of the grid (while keeping your eye on the central dot)?

• Switch to the other eye and repeat.

IMPORTANT – Report any irregularities to your eye doctor immediately: Mark areas of the chart you’re not seeing properly (print two charts if you notice problems in each eye) and bring it with you when you visit your doctor.

How to Test Your Eyes Using the Amsler Grid Eye Test

Open the directions for taking the Amsler Grid Test PDF and print.
Next open the Amsler Grid PDF and print the grid on bright white paper (heavy stock if possible)