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If you are tired of being told that there is nothing that can be done with your low vision then you have come to the right place! There are high powered telescopic eyeglasses and other devices that most likely will help you. Call me to discuss what we can do, no obligation:

We specialize in: Low Vision Exams and vision rehabilitation.
We provide the latest in devices and eye glasses to help you see better.
When you have been told there is nothing else that can be done then see us. As long as there is vision that vision can be made better in most cases! If Dr. Huggett can't help then there is no out of pocket charge for the exam.
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Take advantage of the 25 years work of Dr. Huggett.
At the Low Vision and Binocular Vision Clilnic Dr. Ed Huggett has the goal that the patient "walks out better than they walk in!" He helps them see what is on their "wish list - what they want to see better." He works closely with your current eye doctor along with occupational therapists as a team to have you seeing better! Go to out Testimonials page (see Testimonials link above) to read some of our many successes.

Not dealing wiht the eye disease directly Dr. Huggett deals entirely on what functional vision the person has, and then, determining what optics and magnification is needed to help the person see what they want to see. Using Dr. Huggett's 25 years of experience he will help you regain functional vision and independence!


Our mission at the Low Vision & Binocular Vision Clinic is to promote increased independence among those with visual impairments. This is accomplished through providing advanced optics and optical devices, vision rehabilitation with occupational therapy (OT), patient education by making available the latest medical information, community resources and assistance in identifying solutions to visual and life's problems for the patient and their family members.

Our Vision

We provide assistance in many ways including the following:


Low Vision and Binocular Vision Clinic of Florida brings the latest in the news that will impact your current knowledge of causes of low vision. Additionally, medical break-throughs, new research results that impact the future of treatments of conditions causing low vision.

Product Reviews

An ongoing review of products that would help those with vision impairments or their family members. Product reviews are unbiased and reviewed by people with vision impairments, medical professionals and rehabilitation specialists. Do you need to purchase a device to help with your vision? This is the place to learn if the device is right for you.


We provide a forum to see discussions on the latest in low vision news, products and services.

Optometric Low Vision Services

Dr Edward Huggett, is a leader in the field of low vision and vision rehabilitation. By performing low vision examinations he is able to determine the amount of functional vision a person has and what is needed to enable, if at all possible, a person to see what they want to see. Based on the low vision exam Dr. Huggett is able to prescribe the latest in vision technology to make the most of your remaining vision. Traveling from out of town to see Dr. Huggett? Call his staff to arrange for local hotel and transportation information.

Individual Therapy

Our licensed therapist help people and their family members regain a sense of wellbeing and improve their quality of life.

We connect persons with a vision impairment to support groups, locally, on the Internet or by telephone.

We are your resource for low vision information, services, support and product reviews.

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