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“There is life after vision loss.”

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Low Vision Reviews

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1 year ago
- Rob s.
Dr. Huggett and his staff are geniuses and angels! A few months of Low vision therapy and voila! I can now get my drivers license back and resume my life. Thank You Dr. HUGGETT FOR YOUR PATIENCE AND ALL YOUR HELP! ROB STRATTON ZEPHYRHILLS, FLORIDA GOD BLESS YOU!
2 years ago
- Todd F.
Dr. Huggett and his staff are truly amazing people. They are patient, caring, and most of all successful in what they do. I am truly blessed to have found them and could not be more thankful to have them in my life. If you have had anything to cause vision loss Dr. Huggett and his staff will do whatever they can do to help you achieve your goals. Thank you so much for all that you all do!
1 month ago
- Sandy G.
Amazing care and thorough exam helped my Mom to get answers to questions and new prescription that will change the quality of her life..excellent experience and would highly recommend
6 months ago
- Jessica S.
I have been seeing Dr. Huggett for a very long time (over 10 years?). I was referred to him after seeing a specialist in Arizona. Both he and Connie are fantastic. They are more than helpful. They are kind and patient, and work to help in whatever way they can.
9 months ago
I suffered an occipital stroke on August 14th 2022 - My name is Peter and I am in very good physical condition and exercise almost daily. During an outdoor sporting event I suffered this stroke. I lost a good portion of my peripheral vision from my right eye when I was diagnosed the next day by a regular optometrist. I was told by this person that I had little to no hope, of ever seeing clearly, out of my right eye again. I was very disappointed with their assessment, and so I made appointments with 3 other different optometrists, over the next 45 days, and each and every one of them tested me, and said I would basically just have to get used to seeing at 105 degrees peripheral vision for the rest of my life. I finally stumbled onto Dr Huggett's Low Vision Solutions and made an appointment to see him as a last resort. When I saw them, I wanted to know, without any B.S., was there any hope for my condition. I am happy to say that he told me that they could help. That was in, mid-October. they told me that with vision therapy and prism inserts on my glasses, that I could get to the point where I would be able to retrain my brain to see what my eyes were looking at. It's been a hard struggle to do the therapy daily, but with the help of my wife and my eye therapist Laura, I am now at 150 degrees of peripheral vision, after 3 months of hard daily work. I am so happy that I didn't take no for an answer, and that I found these folks at NuEyes low vision solutions. They can absolutely help when all others throw roadblocks in your way. These people are GREAT.
3 years ago
- Linda
Just can’t thank Dr. Huggett enough for providing a place for those with double vision to find the help they need. I’ve had double vision my whole life (31) and this is the first time I can see so clearly. It’s a whole new world for me after being prescribed prism glasses. I’m just so thankful. My photophobia, migraines, vertigo, stiff neck and shoulders are lessening. It has only been a month since I started prism glasses. I’m less disoriented now. It feels like a miracle. I never would have thought having the right prescription lenses would change that. Everything from scheduling to getting to the location was very easy going. Plenty of parking and affordable. They make everything very easy to get done. Highly recommended for anyone also suffering from double vision.
3 years ago
- Michelle M.
I’m so happy I found Dr. Huggett. I had been to 2 other eye doctors in the last couple of years that never got my prescription correct. I had lazy eye surgery as a child and just recently noticed my eye crossing when they get fatigued. I called 5 places before one of them referred me to Dr. Huggett (I guess eye doctors don’t want to deal with this). My new prescription with prisms is perfect. I’m forever grateful for Dr. Huggett and Connie. Thanks for helping me get my vision back!
3 years ago
- Zach F.
Dr. Huggett is well-versed and very knowledgeable on the current technology in the field of optometry. I was seeing him in the pursuit of getting my Florida drivers license for the first time. I had to travel from Tampa to get to his clinic but when I first met Dr. Hugget I knew his expertise in the field was not matched with anyone local. He attached a peripheral prism onto the right lens of my glasses which after about 5 months of letting my vision adjust to the prism, it corrected my homonymous hemianopia giving me enough vision to finally start learning how to drive with a permit. I am 24 now and with Dr. Hugget’s help I am finally on the way to become a licensed driver in Florida.
4 years ago
- R C.
Dr. Huggett was very thorough and spent a lot of time with me. He always got back to me quickly, and was very thoughtful in helping me find the cause of my eye issues. Highly recommend.

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