Diabetic Vision Loss Treatment

Vision loss caused by diabetes doesn’t mean giving up on your life activities, it just means learning new ways to do them. Your treatment will depend on what kind of retinopathy you have and how severe it is. Dr. Huggett and his team will work with you to maximize your remaining vision by:

1. Assessing your particular needs

  • We’ll make an evaluation on how much vision you have left
  • We’ll evaluate your overall visual health and the impact of disease or abnormal health-related conditions that may impact your vision
  • We will provide practical tips on lighting, contrast enhancement and glare control hat will help to improve your vision
  • We will work with your current eye doctor to provide services they cannot

2. Providing appropriate intervention to improve your functioning vision

  • We’ll take into account any special visual demands, needs, and adjustments to vision loss that you might have

3. Exploring new technology and devices that can help you accomplish everyday tasks like reading, watching TV, recognizing faces, and more

4. Providing you with counseling and education regarding your visual impairment.

  • We will explain treatment options, including risks and benefits
  • We’ll recommend a customized rehabilitation plan – a path forward to help you see better!
  • We will Instruct you on how to use the recommended visual aids and devices that will improve your vision

5. And in some case, we may provide appropriate referrals for services that Dr. Huggett and his team may not be able to offer

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