Hemianopsia Vision Loss Treatment


Hemianopsia, also known as hemianopia is a loss of vision on one side of a persons vision (field of vision). In most cases it cuts the field of vision in half and is on either the right side or the left side but it can be on the upper side or lower side of what a person sees. There is also quadranopsia which is a loss of the quarter (25%) of the field of vision.

This loss of vision may also be a equal loss in the other eye as well such that both eyes have lost vision on the right side or left side. When tis occurs it is called a homonymous hemianopsia (HH). Many HH are caused from a stroke (CVA) but can be caused from head trauma or from neurological disease. A person suffering from a HH may have difficulty reading, seeing to safely walk through crowds or doorways without bumping into things. They may have difficulty grooming themselves. Additionally, driving privileges may be removed due to loss of vision on one side and therefore not having the minimum amount of visual field for safe driving.

What can be done in a low vision examination for this problem?

During the low vision examination we will determine what functional field of vision a person with an HH has and determine the best way to expand the field of vision. Visual field expansion is done with
eyeglasses containing lenses with prism and/or vision rehabilitation such as NOVA Vision (http://www.novavision.com/). Eyeglasses with prism are prescribed and even before purchase the person with the vision loss is able to try them to see if they work. The lenses with prism appear almost normal and can be placed into any standard eyeglass frame. In many cases the field of vision
can be expanded to allow for driving again and certainly for safer ambulation. NOVA Vision is a vision rehabilitation system hat takes advantage of the brain's ability to "rewire" itself. This ability is known as neural plasticity. Whether rehabilitation is provided with prism glasses or NOVA Vision a one hour low vision examination will provide you with the answers to hemianopsia vision loss.

Hemioanopsia is also associated or maybe called: CVA, stroke, hemianopsia, hemianopia, quadranopsia, quadranopia, prism, peli lens, Gottlieb lens, visual field awareness system, Inwave, sector prism, nova vision, vision rehabilitation

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