Macular Degeneration Evaluation & Treatment


The beginning point is always an individualized, preventative, comprehensive eye health examination. If AMD is suspected, other tests may be performed.

Amsler Grid – The Amsler Grid is an important simple tool that tests macular vision and helps detect specific types of vision loss associated with AMD. This test uses a grid chart and can be administered in the office, but also may be taken home for monitoring by the patient. We put the Amsler Grid Eye Test at the bottom of each page on this website. To take the test, open and print the 2 PDF files and follow the directions.

Visual Field Testing – Sophisticated central visual field testing can show loss of central vision sensitivity even though visual acuity may not be affected.


Nutrients - A recent study (AREDS 2) showed the effectivity of several nutrients but especially the two pigments, Zeaxanthin and Lutein. These two nutrients are present in food and can increase the pigment when eaten in large enough quantities. However, the fastest way to increase the macular pigment is through OTC Eye Vitamins available in our clinic, online or at your local drug store.

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