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“There is life after vision loss.”


Our exceptional low vision staff in Dunedin, Florida are there to help you with all your low vision needs whether it be an exam, therapy or fitting you with a device so you can see more in spite of your visual impairment. At NuEyes Low Vision Solutions, our goal is to find ways to help you see and do what you used to see and do.

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Meet Our Office Administrator in Dunedin, Florida

Connie Huggett

Connie Huggett


Connie is the cheerful voice you hear on the phone when you call for an appointment or have a question. She is also the cheerful person who greets you when you come into the office. Connie is responsible for making appointments, keeping your chart up-to-date, and submitting the proper paperwork. In a nutshell, Connie keeps everything running smoothly.

Meet Our Marketing Manager in Dunedin, Florida

Loretta Bulebosh

Marketing Manager

Loretta is the hidden member of our team. She consults with and advises Dr. Huggett on his marketing.  Loretta brings an extensive background in advertising and marketing to the clinic. But what makes her a real asset to the team is how she first met Dr. Huggett - as a patient.  

Loretta was diagnosed with dry macular degeneration in 2008 and sought out Dr. Huggett to help her remain in the workforce despite her visual impairment. It soon became apparent that with her background in marketing and her insider’s perspective of a person living with low vision, she could add another layer of expertise to Dr. Huggett’s low vision toolbox.

Much of the content you see on this website was partially created or approved by someone with low vision like you.

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